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Thanksgiving 2012

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I realize that the photos I embedded into this post were not visible to many of my readers. I’ve changed the way photos can be accessed for this posting. Clicking the photo below should open the Thanksgiving  photos in new window. If not please let me know.

These are hosted on Google Photos and each photo now contains a great more detail. Clicking on the “i” button in the upper right corner will reveal a description, time, date, location (if available), camera make, focal length, shutter speed and ISO setting. Clicking on the magnifying glass will zoom into the photo which is useful to browse through group photos.

Give it a try.

Click on camera to see Thanksgiving photos from 2012

John with camera

Thanksgiving 2009

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I’ve been counting down the days to Thanksgiving with a look at the past.In 2009 we moved our venue to New Boston, NH. I believe we did this because Stephanie had such a bad allergic reaction to our cats in New Ipswich. Sadly I don’t have a  photo  of the family gathered around the dining room table suggesting Norman Rockwell  Freedom from Want.

Thanksgiving in New Boston
The required group photos, a task which is akin to herding cats.
Thanksgiving in New Boston
My sister calls into New Hampshire from Houston, Texas.
Thanksgiving in New Boston
Mother and Son
Thanksgiving in New Boston
Stephanie reacts to something that Jesse had said.
Thanksgiving in New Boston
Cousin Sharrie was a special guest this Thanksgiving. As per tradition she was handed a pistol. Our family doesn’t have arguments during Thanksgiving dinner.
Thanksgiving in New Boston
Emily in New Boston

Countdown to Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving – Nov 22, 2007

On this year Thanksgiving landed on the same date as Matt’s birthday. We celebrated in New Ipswich, NH.

The turkey is done, let’s eat!
This was my view of my family members in 2007. Thankfully things have changed and the screens have gotten smaller, I now see more of their faces as they stare at smart phones instead of laptops.
I assume that Stephanie is rolling her eyes at some comment from Jesse.
Happy Birthday Matt
Matt opens a birthday present, a glass embossed with the Dharma Initiative logo from the television series Lost.

Say Cheese
Saying cheese is not helpful to photographers.Use the word plum for a more natural effect.
Post dinner nap
Once again Stephanie is a victim of the Turkey Tryptophan effect.