Happy Birthday Marilyn Wood

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Two beautiful  women



14 days till Christmas

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In 2011 when I purchased my computer, I was clever enough to create a DVD repair disk. Four years later I had the opportunity to use it to boot up my sick computer. Things are still not completely settled but I am running a backup of the system to an external drive (which is only 46% complete after 10 hours).

Continuing with our countdown and as a belated ThrowbackThursday feature, I’m sharing some photos of Christmas in New Canaan in the 1950s.

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Fourth Street

Countdown to Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving in New Canaan


1974 Thanksgiving at the Janis home. Their neighbor Jack Randal is wearing the plaid shirt and his wife Nettie is wearing glasses and looking directly at the camera. I’m curious what device is in the center of the table with the attached wire. Could it be a tape recorder?

Romako Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving meal at the Romako home.


Dr. Ed peaks into the shot on the far right