Thanksgiving with the Janis Family

I have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that after about 5 years one of my computer hard drive has bit the dust. This drive has upwards of 63,751 photo files (with a few duplicates).  Hard drive failure was always a possibility,  ALL HARD DRIVES WILL FAIL including whatever you are using as you read this.

The good news is that because of your continued support of this blog (by using my link), I have a few dollars for a new drive.

More  good news is that I am running a RAID disk configuration which means there are duplicate drives holding one set of data. One drive down, one working and now one on order ($99 NewEgg). If the second drive fails BEFORE the new one arrives, it will be catastrophic.

As part of the Thanksgiving countdown, I’m sharing a large number of photos that were sent by Cathy Janis, who is somewhere on the road with her husband.

Click on the photo below which will open a Google Photo Album which contains the entire group of photos. I believe most of these were taken at Bill and Cynthia’s home in Holliston, MA. But if not, please leave a comment.

Jeff, Lillian, Amy and Ed
Jeff, Lillian, Amy and Ed (Click on photo to see all the photos in full size)






Ed and Lillian at Pilgrim’s Monument – 1936

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I’ve still got Cape Cod on my mind, so I pulled these shots of my Aunt Liilian and Uncle Ed from the Archives, taken in Provincetown in 1936. Happy #ThrowbackThursday.

Ed Janis Cape Cod
Ed Janis posing at the top of the Pilgrim Monument in Provincetown, MA. Photo taken by his wife Lillian on their honeymoon in 1936.
Honeymoon on Cape Cod
Lillian Janis at the top of the Pilgrim Monument in Provincetown, MA. Photo taken by her husband Ed on their honeymoon in 1936.