Polish Christmas Traditions

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One of my favorite Christmas family traditions is sharing of unleavened wheat Christmas wafers (oplatki) with each member of the family while wishing them Merry Christmas.

The family has spread far and wide since the days when we would all gather around the table at 4th Street while my Grandmother would say prayers for everyone in the family,  followed by Oplatki and a simple meal. It was nice to see that Cinnie and Bill found a group in South Carolina.

This evening, Bill and I went to downtown Charleston, to the Old South Carriage House where we go when we want to take the carriage ride through Charleston.  Sharrie, it’s the one we went to with you.  Horses were all in their stalls.  The Polish American Society had a gathering where they had the biggest loaf of bread I’ve ever seen, wine, Polish carols and the exchange of the oplatek.  It was so appropriate to have it in a stable!!  It was lovely.  Half the people spoke Polish, but we shared oplatek with everyone. Bill and I even tried to share with the horses, but they weren’t interested!!
I don’t need you to buy any oplatek for me, Martha Mary.  Thanks anyway.  I bought several packages and each package had 4 large wafers inside.
John can you get a picture online?
Wesolych Swiat
Love you, Cinnie

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Fourth Street
For me this is where the tradition began

12 days till Christmas

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Good morning,  the 2015 Christmas countdown continues. There is a special online event, two Christmas concerts featuring our own cousin Beverly Wilkerson.  The first is a children’s program at 4 pm PST (7 pm EST) and the adult choir performance at 7 pm PST (10 pm EST).

This is the link to watch online:  Bel Air Church Events.

Today a look back to Christmas 1976 in Holliston, MA.

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17 days till Christmas

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Chrismas 1951 in New Canaan with the Janis Family.


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Janis Family Christmas 1951
Christmas in New Canaan

Fourth Street