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Thanksgiving 2012

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I realize that the photos I embedded into this post were not visible to many of my readers. I’ve changed the way photos can be accessed for this posting. Clicking the photo below should open the Thanksgiving  photos in new window. If not please let me know.

These are hosted on Google Photos and each photo now contains a great more detail. Clicking on the “i” button in the upper right corner will reveal a description, time, date, location (if available), camera make, focal length, shutter speed and ISO setting. Clicking on the magnifying glass will zoom into the photo which is useful to browse through group photos.

Give it a try.

Click on camera to see Thanksgiving photos from 2012

John with camera

Thanksgiving with the Janis Family

I have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that after about 5 years one of my computer hard drive has bit the dust. This drive has upwards of 63,751 photo files (with a few duplicates).  Hard drive failure was always a possibility,  ALL HARD DRIVES WILL FAIL including whatever you are using as you read this.

The good news is that because of your continued support of this blog (by using my link), I have a few dollars for a new drive.

More  good news is that I am running a RAID disk configuration which means there are duplicate drives holding one set of data. One drive down, one working and now one on order ($99 NewEgg). If the second drive fails BEFORE the new one arrives, it will be catastrophic.

As part of the Thanksgiving countdown, I’m sharing a large number of photos that were sent by Cathy Janis, who is somewhere on the road with her husband.

Click on the photo below which will open a Google Photo Album which contains the entire group of photos. I believe most of these were taken at Bill and Cynthia’s home in Holliston, MA. But if not, please leave a comment.

Jeff, Lillian, Amy and Ed
Jeff, Lillian, Amy and Ed (Click on photo to see all the photos in full size)






Countdown to Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving 2008

A bit of #throwbackthursday with these photos from 2008. Of the crop of photos I only have two that aren’t goofy.

We have nice photos…

Thanksgiving in New Ipswich
Susan looking very stylish and seasonal
Thanksgiving in New Ipswich
Matt Poltrack

And then we have these…

Thanksgiving in New Ipswich
This is not my most flattering photo. Over the years I have a series of photos on holidays featuring items stuck in my nose or ears. Also colored Easter eggs over the eyes. I am still an adolescent.
Thanksgiving in New Ipswich
Susan did a better job with the shrimp in the nose effect however shortly after this she developed a very bad nosebleed. I have photos of course but chose not to share those.


Thanksgiving in New Ipswich
Brad’s signature goofy expression
Thanksgiving in New Ipswich
In a previous year Stephanie had a very bad allergic reaction to cat dander that is prevalent in our house. We attempted to keep her alive at least through dinner.


Thanksgiving in New Ipswich
I can always count on Jesse for an expressive face.


Countdown to Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving – Nov 22, 2007

On this year Thanksgiving landed on the same date as Matt’s birthday. We celebrated in New Ipswich, NH.

The turkey is done, let’s eat!
This was my view of my family members in 2007. Thankfully things have changed and the screens have gotten smaller, I now see more of their faces as they stare at smart phones instead of laptops.
I assume that Stephanie is rolling her eyes at some comment from Jesse.
Happy Birthday Matt
Matt opens a birthday present, a glass embossed with the Dharma Initiative logo from the television series Lost.

Say Cheese
Saying cheese is not helpful to photographers.Use the word plum for a more natural effect.
Post dinner nap
Once again Stephanie is a victim of the Turkey Tryptophan effect.