Website Redesign

I’ve been working on my website to make it more useful for folks to navigate to content that they may be interested in. Most of my readers are family members so the home page has birthdays and a link to the family community page. Also I’m in the process of adding more links to photographs and a calendar of local events (including Green Center schedule).

Of course there is a prominent link to which pays me an advertising fee if a purchase is made through ti. Thanks for that!

Below is a screen shot of the site

Landing Page of my website

News from Vilia Adventures

Now in our 18thmonth of living full time in this RV, our Vilia, we have a rain day. We have had a few along the way but we have often commented on our good fortune with good weather for such a large part of our travels. We are in Sarasota for near a month. It…

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