Thanksgiving in Nashua

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I hope all had a great Thanksgiving. We had a nice time in Nashua with the family. In keeping with tradition, Emily brought cannoli from the North End in Boston. We usually queue that up with a viewing of the Godfather but this year opted for the second film of the The Dark Knight Trilogy. I think seeing Heath Ledger’s Glasgow smile might give me nightmares, he played a great Joker.

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Thanksgiving 2016
I can always count on Susan to provide a wealth of expressions for the camera. We all struggled with this nine square puzzle. A good task after our caloric binge.
Thanksgiving 2016
Jesse and Alex in Nashua, NH for Thanksgiving. After dinner,  Alex, Jesse and I entertained the family with a rendition of Barrett’s Privateers which seemed appropriate because Alex’s middle name is Barrett.
Thanksgiving 2016
Watching the Macy’s Parade. We noted that my mom is older than the parade itself. The balloons were nice but the bad lipsyncing was painful to watch.
Thanksgiving 2016
The bird was great, soup and sandwiches for a week.
Thanksgiving 2016
More expressions, thanks for these
Thanksgiving 2016
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Happy Thanksgiving 2016

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Happy Thanksgiving,

I have so much to be thankful for and friends and family are on the top of the list. If you read my blogs on a regular basis you see that many of their photos will appear in the postings. I’m thankful that folks actually spend some time looking at these blogs especially those who use the Amazon Links.

I am thankful that the election is over, I think we are all thankful the election is over. Make an effort not to discuss it over dinner.

I especially grateful that I get the opportunity to play music with folks on a regular basis. That gives me great joy.

I went back deep in the photo archives to find a few “turkeys” to share. Enjoy.

Thanksgiving in Fairfield
Thanksgiving in Fairfield. That year my Uncle Henry came with his boys. I remember it because when he left, he forgot one of them. It was a wonderfully chaotic time. Note the cranberry clump in the shape of a can.
Joshua Thanksgiving
I can always count on Joshua for a intesting portrait
Emma with Turkey Leg
This photo was not taken at Thanksgiving as Emma chows down on a turkey leg that is as big as her head.
Turkey Leg
A blast from the past at Fourth Street. This might actually be a Christmas photo  but the turkey (the leg not my cousin Bob) is in keeping with the theme.

Thanksgiving 2012

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I realize that the photos I embedded into this post were not visible to many of my readers. I’ve changed the way photos can be accessed for this posting. Clicking the photo below should open the Thanksgiving  photos in new window. If not please let me know.

These are hosted on Google Photos and each photo now contains a great more detail. Clicking on the “i” button in the upper right corner will reveal a description, time, date, location (if available), camera make, focal length, shutter speed and ISO setting. Clicking on the magnifying glass will zoom into the photo which is useful to browse through group photos.

Give it a try.

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John with camera