The Christmas Group Photo

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On Christmas Eve or Christmas Day I get asked to take a group photo which is akin to herding cats into a group and getting them all to look at me rather than just groom. The lighting is always poor and I can count on someone having their eyes closed. Here is a decade of these things

This one was successful, lighting was good and everyone looks pretty good. New Boston, NH
Christmas in New Boston
Another success, white balance was a challenge though. I’m pointing at a Christmas Card from my niece and her husband in Colorado. This photo was taken in New Boston, NH
Christmas in New Boston
Oops, Jane’s “antlers” blocked Matt’s face

No photo for 2008 – Ice Storm Complications

Christmas Eve
Nice touch with Jesse texting during the shot.

Christmas in New Boston

Note my sweatshirt “Merry Christmas” in Polish

Christmas in New Boston
Where is the missing sock
Christmas in New Boston
Matt gets occluded by an angel and Brad looks off into the ozone
Christmas in New Boston
The year I tried using a flash, absolute disaster. Count the errors.
Christmas in New Boston
Fisheye experiment! Lighting required a long exposure which blurred Daisy
Christmas Day
Merry Christmas to all of you and a healthy New Year


Merry Christmas

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Christmas Day
Christmas Day in New Boston

I hope everyone had a nice holiday with family and friends. The weather was bizarre. We enjoyed the warmth in New Hampshire but it wreaked havoc on the central and southern states.

“Fair and colder for Christmas”  2015 Farmer’s Almanac





2 days till Christmas

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Merry Christmas from tropical New Hampshire. I haven’t met anyone yet that is complaining about the lack of snow and cold weather. I think all of us are still recovering from 2014.

In this post I’m including the last batch of Christmas photos taken on film. These were always problematic since I could not accurately date them. Digital photos have a time stamp embedded in the file. The only glitch being the some people don’t set the clock when they buy the camera. Those same people had a VCR that would flash 12:00.

Annual Yankee Swap
I am overwhelmed with emotion as I open a Yankee Swap item

Click on flashing lights to see photos

Flashing Ear Lights
Flashing Ear Lights

Yankee Swap 2015

Still time to give an gift card

Photo Credit – Brian McPhee

Thanks Bob and Wendy for hosting the annual Yankee Swap this year. Ginny and I have been attending these since 2004 and there is always good food,  good company and “unique” gifts (some of which will be re-gifted in coming years).

Brian McPhee tooks some great photos of the festivities and I’ve included a link to view them.

Click on Santa to view the photos

Let it Snow