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Remembering Babcia

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Emilia Kowaleski was born 132 years ago. She emigrated  to America at the age of 13. She brought over only one brother (Nikodem) while others (total of 5 brothers and 2 sisters) remained in Poland with mother and father. After suffering a stroke she lost her ability to speak and eventually reverted to speaking only in Polish with just a few words in English.  She would always exhort us to “Eat” during the holidays,  probably remembering raising her eight children through the depression.

Learning from the master
I learned about gardening from my Grandmother. I still have some cuttings from some of her Epiphyllum Cacti. She was showing me her roses in this photo.
Emilia is seated on her wedding day – May 6, 1906
Mother's Day
Emilia on Porch at Fourth Street in Stamford
Grandma frying onions
Grandma frying onions. She made the best soup. This was a gas stove that you lit with matches. I lit it a few times, quite exciting.
If a tree falls - 1934
If a tree falls at Willow Court – 1939
Wedding Photo
Emilia Kowaleski and Anthony R Poltrack – Wedding Day – May 6, 1906

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Happy Birthday Susan

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“He who smiles rather than rages is always the stronger” – Japanese Proverb

Susan Polltrack Carr

Fireside Singalong


Garden Tour

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