Seven Decades

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“Sometimes the light’s all shinin’ on me,
Other times I can barely see.
Lately it occurs to me what a long, strange trip it’s been.”

Grateful Dead

It seems a bit self-centered to post photos for my own birthday, analogous to sending a birthday card to myself, but it is interesting to look back at those 70 years and reflect upon what has changed and what remains constant.







The Millennial Years

I’ll finish this posting with a tune for the day. Last year it was the Birthday Dirge but since this is a decade milestone I picked a cheerful song written by Charlie Poole.


Old and In The Way – as performed by Loudon Wainwright III

When you walk along the street, how oftentimes you meet
Some poor old man who’s gotten old and gray.
With age his back is bent, in his pockets not a cent,
And for shelter he has no place to stay.


His relations by the score, they’ll turn him from the door –
They’ll see him on the street and pass him by.
If you ask them why they do, they’ll turn and say to you,
“He is old, he’s gray, he’s only in the way.”

Now let us cheer them on, for they won’t be with us long.
Don’t sneer at them because they’re old and gray.
Just remember while you’re young that for you the day may come,
When you’ll be old and gray, and only in the way.

Now my message, I am sure, is for rich as well as poor,
For take a rich man when he’s growing old –
His relations ’round him stand, and take him by the hand –
They all want him to die, they want his gold.


And what it’s truly worth to own the riches of this earth,
He’ll discover at the closing of the day.
After all he’s like the poor when his journey’s nearly o’er –
He finds he’s old and gray and only in the way.

Now let us cheer them on, for they won’t be with us long.
Don’t sneer at them because they’re old and gray.
Just remember while you’re young that for you the day may come,
When you’ll be old and gray, and only in the way.


5 days till Christmas

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Good morning readers, just two more days of Autumn remain.

The Christmas countdown continues with some photos from fourth street taken in the 1960s and early 1970s. One brilliant idea of mine was having my cousins suspended their brother out of a second story window so that it would appear he was falling, a photo I captioned The Defenestration of James. All of this activity took place without the knowledge of our parents.

Out the window
Defenestration of James

The folk revival was in full swing in the late 1960s and we would play folk and Beatles tunes on guitars which we managed to learn to play. We also would sing Christmas Carols around the piano and attempt vainly to pronounce the ones sung in Polish.

Click on photo of Fourth Street to see photos.

Fourth Street




11 days till Christmas

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Good Morning, we  still are enjoying relatively balmy temperatures for New Hampshire considering we are approaching the Winter Solstice. However no one is complaining about the lack of snow (except the ski areas).

I’m continuing the Christmas countdown with a pair of photos taken in the late 1970s  with Steve and Gael.

Please click on the guy with the flashing ears to see the photos

Flashing Ear Lights

12 days till Christmas

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Good morning,  the 2015 Christmas countdown continues. There is a special online event, two Christmas concerts featuring our own cousin Beverly Wilkerson.  The first is a children’s program at 4 pm PST (7 pm EST) and the adult choir performance at 7 pm PST (10 pm EST).

This is the link to watch online:  Bel Air Church Events.

Today a look back to Christmas 1976 in Holliston, MA.

Click on Santa to see photos

Click on Santa
Click on Santa



Learn about this quirky town at

Good Morning and Happy Thanksgiving.

We’ll be gathering together later at my son’s house for a shared meal, but because it is also #ThrowbackThursday I have a few photos to share. My cousin had posted a YouTube video featuring drone footage of Provincetown, MA which inspired me to use Provincetown as my photo  theme. It’s a very unique place that offers lots of photographic opportunities.

P-town has always been a mecca for artists, renegades, writers and eccentrics. I have visited it many times for the last 5 decades.

Provincetown Theatre
The Provincetown Theatre Company opened it’s doors on March 29, 1963 . On February 10,1998 a fire broke out and destroyed the entire wharf. The “Whaler’s Wharf Fire” caused $7 million dollars in damage. It required the effort of 450 firefighters from 39 fire departments. This sign is located behind the new Whaler’s Wharf.
Flagship Restaurant
In the 1970 my cousin Steve and his wife Gael (far left) worked in several of the Restaurants in Town. Steve also did renovation work of the Town Hall during the day. At the time he was putting himself through law school in Boston. This photo is very indicative of the fashion of the 1970s.


The Barn in the 1970s
Steve and Gael lived in a converted barn located behind Gael’s parents home on Commercial Street. I have no idea how many parties I had spent here,. Sometimes Gael’s Uncle Heaton would join the party and sing bawdy songs on a 4 string guitar. Good times.


Past and Present
The barn in the 1970s and July 25, 2013.
Nice Hat
One of the many show promoters that you encounter on Commercial Street.
Town Hall
Provincetown Town Hall. Usually the benches are filled with tourists and street musicians.
The view back at the town from MacMillan Wharf. The wharf is the departure point for many of the whale watching excursions.
In 2013 I had chance to get a close look at a tall ship docked at the end of MacMillan Wharf.
On Hold
You never know what to expect as you walk along Commercial Street. This nice lady insisted we talk to her on her “phone”. She offered some life lessons.
Ginny takes the call
Ginny and Susan
Lunch at Bubala’s By the Bay before a whale watch. My Cousin’s husband worked as a bartender when this photos was taken.


Some  YouTube videos by David Cox showing a bit of Provincetown (there are others online)