The Porch at 16 Willow Court

Some family photos taken at 16 Willow Court in Stamford, CT. An address that no longer exists, probably incorporated into a high rise office building.
Ed Poltrack at Willow Court
Willow Court

The Gang of Six

Everyone looks so serious in this photo from the 1920s. My Dad is wearing the light jacket and my Uncle Ed is in the front row on the left side. The other kids must have been their buddies.

Tony and Ed are in this gang

Happy Mother’s Day – Living at 50 Horan Avenue

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John and Mom

After WWII housing was in short supply for the returning veterans. We lived in Veterans Housing in Stamford, CT. The homes were very simple and utilitarian, something you would expect from government housing.

They were all the same just with different colors. They had two bedrooms, a shower (no tub, we bathed in the deep kitchen sink), a kitchen, living room and a utility closet. These homes had central heat, at first a coal stove in the Living room which was later converted to kerosene (I know that smell). There was no basement just a scary place beneath the house. There was no modern septic design, the homes had cesspools, basically a deep hole covered with a large piece of slate. Thankfully we had town water.

I loved the place. The neighborhood was filled with kids all the same age. We were the boomer generation, children of the returning GIs

We had a large yard and behind our house was an undeveloped area of just woods and trees, a great place to explore.

50 Horan Avenue

I had the bedroom with the double windows on the left. By 1952 I was sharing that with my two sisters. The entire neighborhood was razed in the late 1950s to build what was Rippowam High School. I’m sorry that the street names were lost, they came from the name of GIs killed in the war. I have great memories of all of this. Happy Mother’s Day Mom!