A few changes

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My sister chides me for confusing folks by shifting website and blogs. I deserve the criticism.

Strange but I first learned of the WordPress blogger platform because Terry had create a blog devoted to clouds. Sadly he abandoned it. I enjoyed his writing. His daughter Emma was blogging about her times in England. I hope at some time she’ll continue with a variation of that. Currently the only family bloggers I know of is Bob and Cathy who document their adventures in an excellent blog called Vilia Adventures.

I was surprised to find that my first blog entry was made in December of 2006. I’ve been doing this for 9 years! Yikes! I have no intentions of quitting, this is fun. However I made a switch from the Google blogger platform to WordPress. I did this because WordPress offers some features that I considered important. Readers can subscribe for email updates, posts can be password protected and it has a number of nice widgets.

I use the “free” version which means that my readers will be subjected to inline advertisements at the end of each post. To eliminate that would set me back $99 a year….sorry, ain’t gonna happen.

Like many blogging platforms WordPress offers choices of layout themes for bloggers. Some are  free and some cost money. I choose the free ones. They are targeted to various bloggers, photographers, writers etc.

The blog content doesn’t change, but the style does. Website layout is controlled buy Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)I have no desire to understand any of this , it’s  too geeky for me. I just keep looking for the right “look” for my blog.

After a bit of experimentation I’m settling in with a theme called ColinearI liked the fact that it provided two sidebars for widgets rather than just one. The screen is bit busy but navigation tools can be seen without scrolling down to the very bottom.

I’ve moved readers comments to the top on the left sidebar. If you spend the time to respond to my posts you deserve to have your responses displayed. Hyperlinks are now displayed in a contrasting color which makes them much more visible.

If you view the blog on a tablet or a smart phone these sidebars are only visible if you scroll down to the very end of the postings.

One last comment, I’ve simplified the menu items for readability. Hope you enjoy the “new look”.


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