Untagged Photo Project

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Brrrr, good morning from chilly (5 degree F) New Hampshire. If you have been following this blog you’ll see that I’ve been counting down the days till retirement. I’ll have plenty of projects to work on and one of them will be organizing decades of photos.

I don’t always have the time to add metadata to my photo files and over time as the catalog grows, photos get forgotten. The Lightroom application has a “smart album” feature that allows me to filter through the entire catalog of files and identify which ones are missing keywords. The results were staggering, 26, 322 files without tags.However 41,317 do have tags including this one which was updated today.

NOTE: Metadata is data about other data. In digital photos it includes date, time, exposure, camera settings, GPS information, copyright, photographer name and KEYWORDS.

Currier Museum of Art

Barbara and John at Currier Museum of Art – June 2013


Some of the 26, 322 untagged photos


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