Jealous Heart

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At our monthly music jams everyone gets a turn to play a tune. I usually pick something that might have been taken from the repetoire of my dad. Sad cry-in-your-beer country tunes such as this one.

Singing the Blues by John Poltrack on



Recorded by Jenny Lou Carson, Hank Snow (A)
Written by Jenny Lou Carson

[G]Jealous Heart, Oh, Jealous Heart stop [D]beating
Can’t you see the damage you have [G]done
You have driven her away for-[D]ever
Jealous Heart, now I’m the lonely [G]one.

I was [C]part of ev’rything she [G]planned for
And I [D]know she loved me at the [G]start
Now she [C]hates the sight of all I [G]stand for
All be-[D]cause of you, old Jealous [G]Heart.

Jealous Heart, why did I let you lead me
When I knew the end would bring me pain
Now she’s gone, she’s gone and found another
Oh, I’ll never see my love again.

Through the years her memory will haunt me
Even though we’re many miles apart
It’s so hard to know she’ll never want me
‘Cause she heard your beating Jealous Heart.

Many times I trusted you to guide me
But your guiding only brought me tears
Why oh why must I have you inside me
Jealous Heart, for all my lonely years.


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