Thanksgiving in Nashua

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I hope all had a great Thanksgiving. We had a nice time in Nashua with the family. In keeping with tradition, Emily brought cannoli from the North End in Boston. We usually queue that up with a viewing of the Godfather but this year opted for the second film of the The Dark Knight Trilogy. I think seeing Heath Ledger’s Glasgow smile might give me nightmares, he played a great Joker.

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Thanksgiving 2016

I can always count on Susan to provide a wealth of expressions for the camera. We all struggled with this nine square puzzle. A good task after our caloric binge.

Thanksgiving 2016

Jesse and Alex in Nashua, NH for Thanksgiving. After dinner,  Alex, Jesse and I entertained the family with a rendition of Barrett’s Privateers which seemed appropriate because Alex’s middle name is Barrett.

Thanksgiving 2016

Watching the Macy’s Parade. We noted that my mom is older than the parade itself. The balloons were nice but the bad lipsyncing was painful to watch.

Thanksgiving 2016

The bird was great, soup and sandwiches for a week.

Thanksgiving 2016

More expressions, thanks for these

Thanksgiving 2016

The B Dazzle Scramble Squares puzzles look simple but are extremely difficult. They can be found on Amazon and make GREAT gifts.


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