Retirement Dinner

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Good morning, it’s a cold one.

It appears that we New Hampshirites are going to dodge a major snowstorm this Saturday. I for one am not upset about that. Good luck to our southern neighbors.

Today’s photo theme is #FoodFriday and I’m including a few photos taken in June of 2014 when my sister retired from teaching. Naturally she is now working harder than ever after taking on an online teaching gig. I guess one never fully “retires”.

We had a wonderful dinner at Molly’s Tavern and Restaurant in New Boston, NH.

Susan's Retirement Dinner

Susan Carr, guest of honor

Kid's Menu

Alex looks for an entree that doesn’t require teeth


Alex contemplates salad by John Poltrack on

This stuff looks promising





Baked Fish by John Poltrack on

Baked Haddock


Sax Playerr by John Poltrack on

Private Concert



2 thoughts on “Retirement Dinner

    • Susan retired in June of 2014. I used older pictures all the time, sometimes really old pictures. If you click on these you’ll see them in a bigger screen and somewhere on screen you see the actual date it was taken (and map too).


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