Dec 23, 1940

Dawn… Lights of Guantanamo – 2200 miles from home…

It seems that I left my heart at  home…

Xmas aboard ship will be unique anyway…

75 years ago on this day my Uncle Fran was aboard a ship with other Marines and Sailors en route to the Naval Station in Guantanamo Cuba.

He was seasick for at least three days which he describes quite poetically in his letter. Not being home for Christmas must have been really hard on Fran and hard on the family.  During the Vietnam War I managed to find a way to get home for each Christmas, so many others were not as lucky and some never came home.



Francis John Mark Poltrack – Guantanamo, Cuba

A  year after Fran wrote this letter, the Japanese  bombed Pearl Harbor and Fran and both his brothers would find themselves fighting in the South Pacific. Fran never returned.

I think of all the service men and women spending their Christmas away from home in war zones. Six were just killed on Monday by a Taliban suicide bomber  just a few days before Christmas.

Peace on Earth please.


4 thoughts on “Dec 23, 1940

  1. Bless you John, for helping us to keep our perspective during this hectic season.
    Bless our current members of the Armed services, and wishes to keep them all safe.


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