2 days till Christmas

Still time to give an Amazon.com gift card

Merry Christmas from tropical New Hampshire. I haven’t met anyone yet that is complaining about the lack of snow and cold weather. I think all of us are still recovering from 2014.

In this post I’m including the last batch of Christmas photos taken on film. These were always problematic since I could not accurately date them. Digital photos have a time stamp embedded in the file. The only glitch being the some people don’t set the clock when they buy the camera. Those same people had a VCR that would flash 12:00.

Annual Yankee Swap

I am overwhelmed with emotion as I open a Yankee Swap item

Click on flashing lights to see photos

Flashing Ear Lights

Flashing Ear Lights


One thought on “2 days till Christmas

  1. You goaded me into it. I am officially going on record complaining that we have no cold weather, no ice and no snow. Around here we always rate the weather on whether we can get on the ice before Christmas. I think we could still swim rather than skate or ice fish.


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