5 days till Christmas

Only 2 days left to order for Christmas (Amazon Prime)

Good morning readers, just two more days of Autumn remain.

The Christmas countdown continues with some photos from fourth street taken in the 1960s and early 1970s. One brilliant idea of mine was having my cousins suspended their brother out of a second story window so that it would appear he was falling, a photo I captioned The Defenestration of James. All of this activity took place without the knowledge of our parents.

Out the window

Defenestration of James

The folk revival was in full swing in the late 1960s and we would play folk and Beatles tunes on guitars which we managed to learn to play. We also would sing Christmas Carols around the piano and attempt vainly to pronounce the ones sung in Polish.

Click on photo of Fourth Street to see photos.

Fourth Street





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