Allow Fufficient Time

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Many of my family members are teachers, so I make an effort to avoid misteaks in my blog posts. However it was amusing to see what happened when my cousin Andee read through the instruction booklet for her new piano lamp and discovered a few spelling and grammatical errors.

I assume many of my readers will be opening gifts on Christmas morning with instruction booklets and warning sheets. I encourage you to share the most outlandish ones in the comment field of this posting.

From now on I’ll be sending my booklets to my cousin for correction. Merry Christmas.

Click on the blackboard to see the graded instruction sheet.



GuilinChinglish2007” by Kelisi at the English language Wikipedia. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons.

Want to see some more signs? Click on this NYT link.


3 thoughts on “Allow Fufficient Time

  1. I have a few, but my favorite had to be the oak file cabinet Ed had sent me when I was in NYC…one that had to be assembled upon delivery. You may recall, I lived by myself. Step 1 said, “This very difficult. We suggest you have someone help you.” Okay…. I (yes, all alone) moved on to Step 2. By the bottom of the two-sided page of directions, my apartment was littered with assorted pieces of a wood file cabinet in total disarray. I turned over the page, hoping it would all make sense eventually. And then I saw at the top of the page: “Step 1: This very difficult. We suggest you have someone help you.”


  2. Haha–good laugh after our busy, festive, family weekend….with everyone but Dr. Ed…on call back home. We hope to connect with him in Meredith, at Woody’s place during vacation week after Christmas.
    Love to all !


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