16 days till Christmas

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Christmas marks the milestones in our life and it is somewhat bittersweet. When a new child arrives we celebrate “Baby’s First Christmas” and when we lose a family member,  we have the realization that it is first Christmas without them.

This a happy post, photos taken in 1952 of my sister Pat’s first Christmas. She is just two months old. In one photo she is being held by my Grandmother.

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Fourth Street


3 thoughts on “16 days till Christmas

    • I only see the amount after the item is shipped but my advertising revenue is probably 4% of the price you paid. It doesn’t cost you any more, they pay me only for bringing in customers. I’ll never make enough to retire. I’m lucky to make $30 a month. I only see what items are purchased, I do not see WHO purchased them. Considering what I pay for photo equipment, software and internet fees, this is a charity operation.


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