Happy Birthday Katie (Part 2)

I suspected this might happen, after I posted some birthday photos of Katie another crop of gems might show up on Facebook. Here they are courtesy of her sister Sarah.

Paul and Barb were fond of dressing their girls as fowl.

Beautiful Women

The Dworaks


6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Katie (Part 2)

  1. Hi John. Gosh, I thought I was all hooked up with your website, but what password am I supposed to be using? I am using my Google password but it doesn’t accept it. Maybe your website is just for family? If so, no problem and maybe you could remove me from all the emails announcing the pictures and events I can’t view.

    Thanks so much and Merry Christmas to all the Poltracks!


    Sent from my iPad



    • You are certainly welcome to read this posting. I use a simple password for some family postings especially if there are photos of children. I sent it via email. Howeever in retrospect, this posting should be public.


      • My idea of family extends far beyond blood ties, since we share so many similar stories and experiences. My general policy is to add a password to posts that have photos of children under 18 or at the request of family members. There are exceptions of course, the prime example is our town’s annual Chidren’s Fair which is a public event with lots of … children.


  2. Happy Birthday to our lovely cousin, we hope you had a wonderful special day, just as special as you! With our Love, L, C, R and M!


  3. Thanks for the love, all! And John, thanks again for your stellar work as family historian 🙂 I’m still laughing at your caption on my frowny photo. Not sure what I could have found so displeasing about fruit and bread!!


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