Oops, Broken Picture Links

Where did the photos go?

They are still there but you cannot see them and I’ll attempt to explain what might being going on.

This website is composed of many parts which actually reside on different servers and clouds. The Under Construction photo is local and is stored in a Media Library. I would store ALL the photos in that library but with a free account they only allocate 3 GB of space. If I coughed up $99 a year I could upgrade to a stingy 13 GB but my photo catalog is much larger than that.

My solution has add image links to photos that actually live on Google Photos, Flickr and 500px.  Most of the time it works fine and photos appear inline the  postings, but something has gone wrong. In the interim I’ve been experimenting with embedding Google+ postings into this post as an alternative. All readers should be able to view it, even those without a Google account. If that is not the case please let me know via the comment field.

I took these photos this year at the Sacred Heart Food Pantry annual Thanksgiving Basket event in Greenville, NH.


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