Thanksgiving 2012

Black Friday Deals all week at (avoid the crowds)


I realize that the photos I embedded into this post were not visible to many of my readers. I’ve changed the way photos can be accessed for this posting. Clicking the photo below should open the Thanksgiving  photos in new window. If not please let me know.

These are hosted on Google Photos and each photo now contains a great more detail. Clicking on the “i” button in the upper right corner will reveal a description, time, date, location (if available), camera make, focal length, shutter speed and ISO setting. Clicking on the magnifying glass will zoom into the photo which is useful to browse through group photos.

Give it a try.

Click on camera to see Thanksgiving photos from 2012

John with camera

3 Replies to “Thanksgiving 2012”

      1. I was using Google Photos in the last few posts, they use a security model that requires that images are private by default. Since I was logged into Google at the time, I saw nothing wrong, the images were visible. Other earlier post utilized Flickr which uses a different model. This is why some posts are visible and some or not, I use both types of photo sharing programs. I have few ideas which I will roll out in the coming weeks, thanks for your comment.


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