Thanksgiving 2009

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I’ve been counting down the days to Thanksgiving with a look at the past.In 2009 we moved our venue to New Boston, NH. I believe we did this because Stephanie had such a bad allergic reaction to our cats in New Ipswich. Sadly I don’t have a  photo  of the family gathered around the dining room table suggesting Norman Rockwell  Freedom from Want.

Thanksgiving in New Boston
The required group photos, a task which is akin to herding cats.
Thanksgiving in New Boston
My sister calls into New Hampshire from Houston, Texas.
Thanksgiving in New Boston
Mother and Son
Thanksgiving in New Boston
Stephanie reacts to something that Jesse had said.
Thanksgiving in New Boston
Cousin Sharrie was a special guest this Thanksgiving. As per tradition she was handed a pistol. Our family doesn’t have arguments during Thanksgiving dinner.
Thanksgiving in New Boston
Emily in New Boston

One Reply to “Thanksgiving 2009”

  1. That was a lovely Thanksgiving Day…………..thank you………hope you have a great one this year…..I’m sure you will. I will be celebrating two this year….one tomorrow, Saturday and another on The Turkey Day ! Yahoo…..Happy Day to all………lubu


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