Countdown to Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving 2008

A bit of #throwbackthursday with these photos from 2008. Of the crop of photos I only have two that aren’t goofy.

We have nice photos…

Thanksgiving in New Ipswich

Susan looking very stylish and seasonal

Thanksgiving in New Ipswich

Matt Poltrack

And then we have these…

Thanksgiving in New Ipswich

This is not my most flattering photo. Over the years I have a series of photos on holidays featuring items stuck in my nose or ears. Also colored Easter eggs over the eyes. I am still an adolescent.

Thanksgiving in New Ipswich

Susan did a better job with the shrimp in the nose effect however shortly after this she developed a very bad nosebleed. I have photos of course but chose not to share those.


Thanksgiving in New Ipswich

Brad’s signature goofy expression

Thanksgiving in New Ipswich

In a previous year Stephanie had a very bad allergic reaction to cat dander that is prevalent in our house. We attempted to keep her alive at least through dinner.


Thanksgiving in New Ipswich

I can always count on Jesse for an expressive face.



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