Happy Birthday Sharrie Dumont

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Happy Birthday Sharrie,  Sto lat to you!

Sto lat, sto lat,Niech żyje, żyje nam.Sto lat, sto lat,Niech żyje, żyje nam,Jeszcze raz, jeszcze raz,Niech żyje, żyje nam,Niech żyje nam!

Charlene Romako - 1950

Visiting her Uncle Ed in  1950. Note the Quonset Hut where Ed and Marj lived after the war

Sharrie Dumont

In October of 2015 we had a mini-family reunion in New Boston. A number of us took an autumn stroll along the rail trail.

October Family Reunion

Family Reunion in New Boston

October Family Reunion

New Boston 2015

Surprise Party (for her 75th)

Sharrie’s account of her party:

“Here goes….the details of the bash.  Andee and Steve told me they

were coming up November 14th. Andee said Steve wanted to buy stuff, no
tax here. So I thought great, near my birthday, we can celebrate abit.
They came up Saturday late pm….we had tea, Steve went to Lowe’s and
Andee and I yakked….I had made a beef stew the night before for two
friends and had tons leftover, so we had that.  Hayden joined us. Then
we played WIZ.
Sunday morning we were going to 10 AM Mass…..then to Hayden’s
Car Rally at his school in Nashua.  We got there..but..he had finished
his runs, boo hoo but we watched the others and then left for Amherst
to look at Dee’s old house near Ponemah Bog.  We also walked aways
through the bog……not the whole thing. Must have been around 1:30
and we headed home.
As I opened door and started up the stairs, I heard music
playing…..Frank Sinatra….and I turned to Andee and Steve and he
said, you must have left the music on and I said no I
didn’t,.,…..and I knew Hayden wasn’t home, his car wasn’t there.  So
I walked up and I have pegs on the wall and there’s an orangey/salmon
colored purse hanging there….hmmm I thought….then as I see
balloons and flowers in the kitchen and hear   SURPRISE!  ……coming
from Living room where everyone is….!!!  Rick, Carla, Ari, her
friend Haley, Michael, Karen, Magen, my friend Karen G, and of course
Andee and Steve and Hayden ……OH MY GOD……I am just
flabergasted…….Amazing….I’m hugging everyone and saying
WOW…….I had no idea….
They had food galore….Michael had made grape leaves…..Rick had
made Kibbya, SYrian meatloaf, and Falafa……and Taboule
Salad….Karen H had made potato salad, a fantastic chocolate,
chocolate cake……and Karen G had made finger sandwiches.  They had
soda, beer, wine out on the deck in coolers…….and brought back up
the chairs and tables……the place was decorated inside and
out…….there was a huge bouquet of mums on the kitchen
table………it was amazing…oh I said that…..
Oh the music was still playing and I of course started dancing as
it was ol time Rock n Roll….the cd John had made for my 60th
party!!!   So I’m dancing and then Michael starts dancing with
me……and I’m so excited…I couldnt’ breathe….had to finally sit
and get water….
Eventually Andee brought out cards for me to read…..from all my
dear ones…..Marilyn, Chris WOod, Woody, Stacie, Annie and Christian,
Annie had a beautiful homemade card.  Steve had a text and picture
from Ed, Jean and the boys……cards from Cinnie, Susan Leilani,
Karen, Michael , Karen and Amanda, who came later as she had just
started working at McD’s. There were gifts…..and such joy….it was
amazing….just fabulous….
Amy’s card came Monday. There was a lovely email from Dee and her
crew with wonderful words……gifts from Magen and Hayden….hand
cream, Lindt  Truffles and toasty warm socks….
After eating we decided to play Dictionary to calm down the
teenagers, Ari and Haley.  That was alot of fun….and tons of
Then we had that delectable cake….wow…..I still have another
piece to eat….yea…
So it was a terrific birthday surprise and I was definately surprised….
Thank you all…..you are wonderful….
Love u
Steve posted some videos….I’m hoping John can somehow put them on
blog or site whatever…thanks john….
I hope I haven’t forgetten anything….I probably have as that’s what
happens when you’re old !!!       Although people I meet now think I’m
65 ! Ha….”


5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Sharrie Dumont

  1. Happy Birthday, Godmom! This video/story is just too good! What a treat! I love the part where you get chastised for leading…classic! You look beautiful and happy, as it should be!


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