Countdown to Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving gets ignored in the race toward Christmas and Black Friday, but it is probably the most noble holiday. Giving thanks for all we have been given is a noble act. I tend to complain about things but in the cosmic view, most of my complaints are definitely of a first world category. I have food, shelter and personal safety, many don’t. Turn on the news and you’ll see what I mean.

I’m posting this on Friday the Thirteenth but this might be your lucky day. I’m digging deep in the catalog for Thanksgiving photos to post as part of a countdown to Thanksgiving. Hope you enjoy the look back.

Contemplating Broccoli

I’ve captioned this photo “Contemplating Broccoli”. My Aunt Adeline (left)  was renown for removing all vestiges of pesticide from fruit and vegetables. She was a good cook but food preparation might take hours. Aunt Adeline did not drive but my folks drove her up to New Ipswich for this Thanksgiving.

Aunt Adeline was very political and was a student of different conspiracies. I had a neighbor who held similar views and during this visit, I introduced them to each other. I’m so glad I did that, I think they corresponded for years, at least I hope they did.


This was an unusual Thanksgiving, rather than turkey they served my head.  Not sure of the date but this was taken in time when my parents would come to New Hampshire and agree to sleep in our dreadful sofa sleeper.

We had the tradition of hosting Thanksgiving, my sister had Christmas Eve  and my Mom did Christmas. Now that Matt has a home we have passed the torch to him.


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