Veterans Day 2015

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Veterans Day

The Cathedral of the Pines in Rindge, NH holds an annual Veteran’s Day Ceremony on the 11th Hour of the 11th Day of the 11th Month. I was unable to attend this year but my Boss took me out to lunch at the Hometown Diner just a short distance from the Cathedral. It was a festive atmosphere because a number of Veterans were gathered there for lunch.

Veterans Day Lunch

I chose the fried haddock basket, it may not be the healthiest but it was tasty. People must have been smaller in 1949 because this space is very intimate.

Veterans Day Lunch

While we were eating I was approached by a Navy Vet who noticed that I was Vietnam Vet. He had a bag of key chains that he made and gave me one decorated with the Vietnam Service Ribbon colors. He explained he makes these to help with some difficulties with his hands. We had a bit in common since we were both stationed on aircraft carriers. He was on the USS Forrestal (CV-59) and I was on the USS Bon Homme Richard (CV-31).


6 thoughts on “Veterans Day 2015

  1. that’s awesome John. Maybe next year I’ll go with you. I’ve always wanted to see Cathedral In The Pines……………………..
    I wasn’t able to see any pics of Beverly in New Boston…..??
    I click on it and get nothing…..?


    • This year I was unable to go (not retired yet) but this place is special. That photo was taken in 2008. I have links on the post about the Cathedral’s history. You would love it. The altar has rocks from all over the world, there is a museum and the grounds are beautiful. Any time you want to visit I’ll take you there, even if it not Veteran’s day.


    • I only have one photo in the post about Beverly and it’s not even mine! I was busy taking photos of the little guy. Susan posted a great photo on Facebook which I lifted and Jesse has a video of Alex strumming my guitar. This guy is so cute.


  2. Steve was among quite a few veterans who spoke at New Canaan’s middle school.. (or old high school) He did Annie’s 7th grade and a 5th grade too. Power point with lots of his own slides when he was active—his ship, other ships….then NC parade around 1977, Memorial Day…Woody is walking with his Dad, about age 6-7, and Ed and a neighbor are on bikes in the foreground!

    School had a nice lunch for them afterward as well.


    We are off to Sharrie’s

    this weekend, then to Ed and Jean’s—Jean fell and broke her pinkie on the right hand—along with pulled tendons or something. She is having surgery tomorrow. Was walking their dog, Sammy, in the dark, unlit area…..


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