Throwback Thursday – Autumn Leaves

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Without a doubt, Autumn is my favorite season. A look back through the years.

Raking Leaves

I enjoy raking leaves and I’ve been doing it for many years. This photo is from 1948.  Leaf blowers should just be used by maintenance crews (my opinion).

Twins in Leaves Nothing is more fun than jumping into a large pile of dry crunchy leaves.Burning Leaves Remember when you could burn leaves? I would go for maximum smoke by adding a layer of wet leaves. The ashes would add nutrients to my Aunt Lillian’s garden in New Canaan. Photo was probably taken in the 1950s.Front Porch Harvest time in New Ipswich. I have no idea why I bothered growing Rutabagas. I wonder what was in those crates.Matt's Pumpkin

I had the kids personalize their pumpkins by scarring them when they were green.

Pat in Smoke I convinced my sister to stand in the smoke of the burning leaves. Probably not the wisest thing to do but I liked the smell. Photo taken in the 1960s.

Three in a Row Our classic sibling pose favored by my Mom. I can have an entire album of these but this one features Connecticut fall foliage.

Pat and Jesse Another photo taken the same day. I assume we were dressed for a wedding or a funeral.


2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday – Autumn Leaves

  1. I remember it was a funeral – though I cannot remember whose. It might have been about 1996?? [Trying to figure out Jesse’s age in this!]


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