October Birthdays : Pat Poltrack

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Happy Birthday to me! – photo taken 10/27/2015

Pat's Visit Alex, Susan and Pat kick up some leaves when Pat came to visit in October.

Pat Family reunion photo in New BostonPat A visit from Carolyn in Texas in March of 2015

Pat, Betty, Susan May 23, 2009 – Jesse and Stephanie Graduation at UNH.

Pat The AOB herself (Aunt of the Bride). A pre-wedding reception for Gary and Stephanie in New Boston, NH, April 21, 2007.

Pat Remember when October was a time for burning leaves? I miss that. Stevenson Road in Fairfield, CT.Pat I’m trying to figure why the milk didn’t spill. 1960s in Fairfield, CT.

Pat Running The early days at 50 Horan Avenue in Stamford. The girl with the dress is Rosemarie Carlucci (with her omnipresent lollipop).



5 thoughts on “October Birthdays : Pat Poltrack

  1. “Stolat, ” as the Polish song goes: “may you live a hundred years.” (Well, you do have some of your mom’s fabulous genes!) So good to see you recently, and especially to see and hear you in the thick of the singing! (instead of being the youngsters forever running around!)
    Love you,
    a and s


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