Happy Birthday Bob Janis

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Rather than post the same photos of the early years with my cousin Bob, I’m featuring a few from their recent adventures traveling the country in their mobile condominium. They have been visiting some of the most beautiful national parks and monuments in the USA and have been chronicling their adventures. What a great way for them to enjoy their retirement years. Safe travels and Happy Birthday.

Follow the adventures of Bob and Cathy on the road in their blog Vilia Adventures.

Bob Janis

On the road with Bob and Cathy in Colorado

Mesa Verde National Park

Tight squeeze at Meas Verde National Park


Bob and Cathy, boating on Lake Powell

Bob Janis

Bob is severely retired

Sunset in monument valley

Sunset in monument valley

Capitol Reef

Capitol Reef

Bob with wine

Happy Birthday Cuz and safe travels

Bob and Cathy

On the Road with Bob and Cathy – Photo posted on Facebook Oct 12, 2016


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Bob Janis

  1. Happy Birthday Bob! What a wonderful Birthday to have “On The Road”. Blessings, with our love and hugs, Lisa, Chris, Russell and Megan.


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