Throwback Thursday – BC Ferry

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When I confess young married people and they tell me about their children, I always ask this question: “Do you have time to play with your children?” And so often I hear from the dad: “But, Father, when I go to work in the morning, they are sleeping, and when I come back in the evening, they are in bed sleeping.” This is not life! It’s a difficult cross. It’s not human. When … I had more opportunities than I do today to speak with kids and young people, I realized that they are suffering from orphandad, that is orphanhood. – Pope Francis Address, June 16, 2014

Good Morning, hope you are as happy about the Pope Francis visit as I am.

Today I’ve dug into the family archives to find some playful photos for #throwbackthursday.

Emily and Josh

Emily and Josh on the BC Ferry when we visited relatives on Vancouver Island – 1980s.


I get a smile.


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