Family on Facebook

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Happy Autumnal Equinox everyone!

I’m introducing a new weekly theme for this blog which I will tag as Family on Facebook.

I find myself sifting through a lot of clutter and repetitive noise when I’m looking at Facebook. Contests asking which rock star I am, political rants, ┬ácontests, etc. I only remain as a FB member to catch up on news about friends and family. The challenge is digging through all the other stuff to find the gems. I’m always on the prowl for photos and unless I snag them immediately they tend to get lost in all that clutter. Starting this week I’ll be reposting some of my picks. There will be no contests, quizzes or political rants, just photos. Photo credits – friends and family.


A great photo of Regina



Play Ball

A fun photo of my Mom on Mother’s Day. We had a BBQ at my son’s house

Christian and Annie

I like this photo of Christian and Annie taken at Lake Winnipesaukee


Cousin Barbara at Emerald Island, NC. I love this photo.


Always great to come across a photo of my grandnephew Alex. Being a real goofball in this photo.


Alex gets ready for a busy day at work


Alex exploring nature

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