Cathy’s Big Adventure

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Recently I have been following the adventures of my cousins as the navigate the country hauling a motor home. They are blogging about their adventures on a blog called Vilia Adventures, Life in America with Elmo and Gracie. aka Bob and Cathy

They do a nice job of story telling, but it all happened before. While sorting through old news clippings I found that Cathy had done this before to celebrate her 50th birthday back in 2000. It was written up in the St. Helena Star in August of 2003.

I realize that these scanned images are difficult to read at this resolution. These are the links to the full resolution scans.

  • Page 1

St. Helena article cover page

St. Helena Star

Cathy’s Big Adventure – Page 2

St. Helena Star

Cathy’s big adventure – page 3

St. Helena Star Article

Cathy and Amy aboard a windjammer with plenty of wine


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