Cape Escape 2015 – Whale Watch

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Our Whale Watch aboard the Dolphin VII was a family affair with Barbara, Katie, Susan, Jesse, Stephanie and Alexander in attendance. We saw a number of whales and Alexander had fun trading sunglasses with his cousins.

Stephanie and Alexander

Alexander on his second Whale Watch

Alex and mom

Alexander and mom

A smile for his grand uncle

Alex and Grandma

Wrong end of the binoculars

Eye protection

Checking out shades

Alex and Grandma

Here are your glasses back, sorry about the drool

Alex and Mom

Let’s try your glasses

Alex and Barb

How about my cousin Barb’s glasses?

Alex and Katie

Swapping glasses with Katie

Alex with Blue Sunglasses

These are definitely the ones for me

Alex and Katie

Alex is the second cousin of Katie 1X removed. They got along wonderfully.

Barb and Katie

First Whale Watch for Barb and Katie

Barb and Katie

Winning smiles

Barb and Katie

A kiss from Mom

Submerged whale

Movement under the water

Thar’s she blows


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