1950s Baseball at Horan Avenue

When I was a kid playing baseball was not an organized activity. We played on the front lawn using the available landscape for bases.I often would play with my cousins (who were MUCH better than I was). In this photo from the 1950s, my cousin Dave Poltrack was on the pitcher mound (white rock). I just noticed as I post this that he is a southpaw.

We never had enough players, so we had invisible runner rules, meaning you would leave your “invisible” proxy on base so you could step up to bat. It was great fun having long discussions about whether your proxy was safe or out after a run. I think kids today miss out on making their own rules.

Play Ball


2 Replies to “1950s Baseball at Horan Avenue”

  1. I was always so excited to get to play. I have such gratitude for my cousins including me. I am sure there were intentional “errors” that allowed me to get to first base~ such a thrill. Thank you.


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